This might surprise you, coming from someone who writes erotica, but sometimes sex isn't what's sexy.
Yes, you read that right. Sometimes something else is sexier than actual sex. This is a lesson that teens often haven't learned, and unfortunately, a lot of adults haven't either.

But watch movies - say, for example, Dirty Dancing or Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. In both movies, the sex is implied rather than being shown. What's sexy, though, is when Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey dance in his room in DD, or the way Javier moves his hips when he's dancing in the streets in DD:HN. What's sexy is the flirtation, the teasing, the anticipation of what's to come.

Sometimes showing less skin is sexier than baring it all. A caress on the hand, a soft smile, the way you eat or drink - these things can all be sexy.

Yes, I write erotica - not generally known for its modesty. And while I hope you'll read and enjoy what I write, I also hope that you'll spice up your sex life with more than just an erotic story. Tease, taunt and tantalize.

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    I'm a writer of erotica - so far, just short stories, but I hope to eventually write a full length erotic novel. I will post my random musings here.


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